Yukon Stone & Moose Creek Outfitters - Hunting Concessions #15 and #19

Located in the heart of the Pelly Mountains, Yukon Stone & Moose Creek Outfitters operates in one of the largest, most scenic and remote areas of Canada's Yukon Territory. Your adventure begins in Whitehorse, which is located about 100 miles west of our concessions and is served by several commercial airlines. From Whitehorse, will be transported into one of the several wilderness outpost camps located throughout our 11,000+ square mile area or be dropped off on a remote mountain lake or river, where you'll begin your hunt.

Inside the concession boundaries is the most incredible piece of wilderness left in the world! The Pelly Mountains cover all of the concession and are made up of several ranges , most notably the Big Salmon Range and the St. Cyr Range. Scattered throughout the area are more than fifty lakes that give access by float plane and several bush strips for wheel plan access.

Come visit us in the Yukon for your next mountain hunting adventure…it truly is “larger than life!”.