Yukon Moose

Big dead head found
while sheep hunting Standing seven feet tall at the shoulder and having an antler spread that can reach over six feet wide, the Yukon moose reigns supreme among the world’s antlered game. Many seasoned hunters claim there is no greater thrill in the hunting world than calling a giant rutting bull within a few steps of your rifle’s muzzle or the sharp end of an arrow.

At Yukon Stone Outfitters, we have a very under-hunted population of moose, which means many large bulls die each year never having encountered a human. Combine this with our effort to concentrate nearly allof our moose hunting during peak rut times and you have the potential to harvest a bull of your dreams.

Early season bull in velvet
taken in August We conduct these 10-day hunts from horseback or by boat on lakes or by jet boat on rivers and our hunts have a very high success rate and a long history of nearly 100% opportunity to harvest a mature bull.

Upon harvesting a moose, you should expect to spend at minimum of one full day packing meat and taking care of the trophy before you’ll be able to pursue these additional game animals.

Big drop-tine bull taken from
spike camp during rut
As most of our moose hunting occurs later in the season, these hunts are often spent in “wilderness comfort” out of one of our cabin camps, however, hunters must still be prepared to spend time in a tented spike camp in order to maximize opportunity for a trophy bull.

If you want a true northern adventure in pursuit of the king of the north Yukon Stone Outfitters has what you are looking for.

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