Here is a list of general items we recommend you bring for a hunting trip.


  • Sleeping Bag (evening temps-Aug 60° F to 20° F; Sep & Oct 30° F to 0° F)
  • Sleeping Pad (full length is warmer bring repair kit)
  • Boots (waterproof with extra laces, should be treated on outside)
  • Binoculars (good to have a lens cloth that clips to strap)
  • Hunting Knife & Sharpener (a small folding knife should do the trick)
  • Daypack (for horseback or riverboat hunts, 2000-3000 cu in)
  • Backpack (for backpack hunts, 6000+ cu in internal or external frame-with extra 2" buckle, and rain cover)

The following are recommended items depending upon the type of hunting you intend:

Rifle hunters

  • Rifle with Scope (257 caliber minimum)
  • 2 Boxes of Cartridges (in original packaging or hard box for travel)
  • Belt Loop Cartridge Holder (nylon or leather for 8-10 shell)
  • Rifle Sling and Scope Covers
  • Compact Cleaning Kit
  • Hard Case (required for airport travel, case will be left at hotel)
  • Soft Case (for travel in bush plane)
  • Leather Scabbard (for horseback hunts if rifle or scope is larger than standard)
  • Electrical Tape (for barrel muzzle)

Bow hunters

  • Bow (record brace height, knocking point, axle to axle length)
  • Extra String and Cable
  • Extra Rest and Site Pins
  • Extra Release
  • Bow Sling
  • Armguard
  • Arrows (1-2 dozen)
  • Field Points
  • Broad Heads (1 dozen)
  • String Wax
  • Allen Wrenches (plus any other necessary tools)
  • Hard Case (required for airport travel, case will be left at hotel)
  • Scabbard Case (nylon or leather for horseback hunts)
  • Arrow Tube

The following are optional items you may wish to consider

Optional Equipment

  • Spotting Scope (your guide will have a good quality scope)
  • Tripod (lightweight and compact)
  • Video Camera
  • GPS
  • Range Finder
  • Trekking Poles (can be helpful for steep climbs above timberline)
Note: Total weight of the gear you bring on the bush plane should be limited to about 60 lbs.