Grizzly Bear

It doesn’t get any more exciting than a spot and stalk hunt for inland mountain grizzly. The bears in the Yukon tend to be on the more aggressive side than bears found in other areas of the North, as such these hunts have the ability to keep a hunter’s heart pounding and adrenaline rushing from beginning to end. Naturally, we prefer to keep everything as “uneventful” as possible but stalking these large bears often at close range is always an adventure.

We concentrate our grizzly hunting on the berries that grow on open slopes from August through mid-September while bears are very active trying to put on as much fat as possible in advance of the winter hibernation.

This can be a physical hunt and sometimes many stalks are needed to cut off, get above or catch up with these bruins. Bow hunters also take advantage of this method of hunting as the stalks are exciting and they have time to get set up.

Later in September, and into October we often hunt bears over gut piles of Moose and Caribou that have been harvested earlier. The Yukon is unique in allowing this type of hunting and it helps increase the probability of shooting a bear, and can make for an exciting hunt when you know a large bear is hitting a nearby carcass. This type of hunting also allows ample opportunity to determine size and sex of the animal, as we do our best to only harvest mature boars.

We conduct 10-day 1x1 hunts and the majority of our bears will square between 6.5 feet and 7.5 feet with some old boars reaching 8' plus. In the fall the hides are in great shape and colors range from blonde to black and everything in-between. This hunt is one of the most rewarding and exciting hunts we offer. This hunt can be backpack or horseback to suit different hunting preferences.

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